Version: 0.1.0

FIESTA stands for FIlamEntary STructure Analysis, and is an astrophysical toolkit for studying filamentary networks in density fields defined on unstructured meshes. It is primarily built for use with the multi-physics hydrodynamical code AREPO (Springel, 2010) and the filament identification tool DisPerSE (Sousbie, 2011), but can also be used more generally with other softwares through some modifications. It includes tools such as:

  1. reading and writing data files for the aforementioned softwares;

  2. 2D and 3D visualizations of simulations and filamentary networks, along with functions for statistical analysis;

  3. algorithms for characterizing filament properties such as length, mass, density profile, and more!

This code initially started as part of the Masters project “Beads on a string: Connecting Turbulence to Massive Star Formation” at the Jodrell Bank Center for Astrophysics (JBCA), University of Manchester by Jiten Dhandha ( and Zoe Faes ( under the supervision of Dr. Rowan Smith ( It has been developed over the course of a year, almost entirely from scratch, so we hope it finds some use in the astrophysics community! :)


FIESTA can be easily installed or upgraded using the following pip commands (NON FUNCTIONAL CURRENTLY):

pip install fiesta
pip install --upgrade fiesta

To install directly from the GitHub repository, download the zip file and run the following command in the top level directory:

pip install .

This might be useful for those wanting to modify the source code or add their own functionality locally!

AHHH… bugs!!#

If you have find any bugs, have suggestions or requests, or want help with the toolkit, please feel free to send one of the authors a message or raise an issue in the GitHub repository. We would be delighted to talk about it!

License and citing#

The code is released under GNU General Public License v3.0, which means it can be freely used, shared, modified and distributed. If you use the code for a publication, please cite it as “Faes et al. (in prep)”.